Boil Off Gas Condensing Package

During production, storage and loading in petrochemical plants, boil-off gas (BOG) is generated. Especially when loading, a huge amount of BOG is generated, flaring is required and leads to waste of energy.

THI’s superior cooling technology provides consistent and reliable control of storage tank temperature and provides solutions for minimum maintenance costs and maximum energy savings according to customer requirements.

Reference 1

  • year  :  2021
  • Location  :  Taiwan
  • Project  :  CGTD Corporation _Refrigeration Package for CGTDC Petrochemical Tank Farm Project
  • Motor rating x q’ty  :  280kW x 2 set , 355kW x 2 set
  • Fluid  :  R507

Reference 2

  • year  :  2020
  • Location  :  Saudi Arabia
  • Project  :  Ma’aden Bauxite and Alumina Company_Ammonia BOG Compression & Liquefaction Package
  • Motor rating x q’ty  :  1300kW x 3 set
  • Fluid  :  Ammonia