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THI Profile

THI founded in 1988, has grown into a refrigeration company specializing in providing total solutions to customers based on long-accumulated know-how. It also leads the refrigeration industry with cutting-edge technology and excellent quality, providing the best performance and trust to customers. We are not satisfied with these achievements and are striving to establish ourselves as a leading company in the market through continuous research and development and expansion of new businesses.

We select, manufacture, and supply equipment by reflecting the individual requirements of each customer, and provide the latest solutions and accumulated technologies from design concept and consulting to plant management through system engineering. In addition, to realize this, our technical team is striving for continuous technological development to standardize products and designs, and is developing an efficient control system for monitoring and controlling refrigeration systems and energy saving. This step-by-step response fully reflects customer needs from the point of design, enables the application of the latest refrigeration technology, and ultimately enables stable system operation with minimal operating cost.

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