Food & Beverage

Beverage and Breweries

Beverage production, such as coffee, tea, beer and juice, relies on industrial refrigeration systems to provide accurate temperatures at various processing stages to ensure product quality, hygiene and safety.

From ingredient management to processing and storage, our engineers have expertise to maximize beverage quality, reduce energy costs, and carefully address environmental considerations.

We provide energy-efficient refrigeration solutions to customers and consumers by providing an appropriate temperature to the production process.

Reference 1

  • year : 2020
  • Location : Gwangju
  • Application : Replacement of refrigeration equipment for alcoholic beverages
  • Refrigerant : NH3(Ammonia)

Reference 2

  • year : 2010
  • Location : Changwon-si
  • Application : Installation of freeze-drying coffee refrigeration equipment
  • Refrigerant : NH3(Ammonia)