Food & Beverage


Dairy processing companies around the world are pursuing innovation and using new techniques to capture customers’ tastes, strengthening important nutrients in the product, and introducing healthy high-protein dairy products in a variety of flavors.

We provide expertise in refrigeration solutions for various types of liquids, powders, and fermented milk products. We are ready to provide expertise to meet relevant requirements such as reducing energy input costs and legal advice.

Reference 1

  • year : 2020
  • Location : Yangju-gun
  • Application : Construction of dairy facility refrigeration equipment
  • Refrigerant : NH3(Ammonia)

Reference 2

  • year : 2011
  • Location : Eumseong-gun
  • Application : Refrigeration facility construction for ice cream manufacturing
  • Refrigerant : CO2 /NH3(Ammonia)