Heat Pump

The THI Heat Pump is a compact heat pump based on the highly reliable Sabroe high pressure reciprocating compressor that achieves differential pressures up to 40 bar and design pressures up to 60 bar. Using ammonia as the refrigerant, the THI Heat Pump provides low-cost hot water up to 90°C, ideal for sterilization, pasteurization and many other heating processes.

THI Heat Pump uses 70%~80% unused heat or waste heat sources when supplying 100% of heating heat, and uses only 20%~30% of electric energy, so it is possible to save up to 80% of energy. In addition, if the waste heat source temperature is high and the operating time is long, it takes one to three years to recover the investment cost, so it is a very economic system for investment and provides excellent heat pump capacity with small installation space and low refrigerant charging.

■ Main characteristic

High-efficiency energy facility

  • Low electricity consumption, high heating capacity
  • High efficiency performance compared to gas equipment (boilers, etc.)

Eco-friendly equipment

  • No emissions of pollutants because fossil fuels are not directly burned
  • Eco-friendly with high efficiency and low fuel consumption

Verification of market

  • Guaranteed stable quality based on THI’s over 30 years of refrigeration technology
  • Eco-friendly, high-efficiency facilities have a positive impact on the corporate image