Company Profile


Prepare for the future through continuous research and investment with the basic and principles.
THI R&D Center is a leading research organization preparing for the future, creates new values for the future through ceaseless innovation and intelligence.

Through the operation of the Busan R&D Center, we are expanding our investment in R&D, such as developing advanced technologies and technical cooperation with world-leading companies. We will play a leading role in the refrigeration industry in the 21st century through ceaseless R&D and challenges with preparing for the future and leap forward as a competitive technology company in the world beyond Korea.

We are constantly pursuing new technologies. Through R&D research, we are focusing on the domestic application of advanced technologies that are already being applied on a trial basis in developed countries. Devices tested with these prior technologies are already undergoing testing at our R&D center and are continuing to innovate in development and manufacturing methods.

The immediate research projects include the development of industrial and commercial CO2 refrigeration systems, NH3 Chiller, Oil Free Brine Chiller, and Heat Pump, etc. We expect that the development and introduction of these technologies will not only improve our technology level, but also increase demand in the domestic market. THI R&D Center will continue to be reborn as an advanced research institute that provides new value for the future through constant innovation and efforts.

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